HP Labs Bristol is HP's second-largest research laboratory and is among the premier corporate research labs in Europe. HP Labs is the lead partner in the Active Print Project. As well as coordinating the project, HP Labs has developed the Glass code-reading application (with Gavitec's Lavasphere software as a key component) and Codestation software for code management. They are also conducting research into how to build out the Active Print ecosystem including the user experience, the content development process and business models.


Gavitec AG - mobile digit is the technology leader in code-reading systems and software for mobile applications and delivers full service solutions for mobile marketing, mobile ticketing, mobile couponing and mobile payment. Gavitec developed Lavasphere, which enables mobile phones to read codes and is an integral part of HPís Glass application.


Vodafone provides a full range of mobile telecommunications services, including voice and data communications. The Commercial Partnerships division work with businesses to deliver mobile content and services via SMS, MMS, WAP, Video and Voice. They are supporting the user trials for Active Print to evaluate the codes as a content delivery tool.


Bango provide an open and global platform that allows content providers to deliver content to mobile phones, managing content delivery, billing, and operator content controls. Bango provide mobile content solutions for Active Print projects, including downloading Glass via SMS.


Hope Recordings is a Bristol-based Record Company responsible for artists such as Timo Maas, The Capoeira Twins, Grayarea, Orchid & Narcose, Moguai, Starecase, Marcus Dahl and Emma Hall. They are using Active Print to promote their album 7 Year Itch with designs by Deface Graphics.


Watershed is Britainís first Media Centre opened to promote creativity and innovation in new media and technologies. It hosts international festivals on animation and film and is the main place in the South West to view independent films. The Watershed used Active Posters to promote the Animated Encounters Festival and SE3D showcase event. They also provided sponsorship for Simon Poulter to develop the game I Can Read You.