Hope Recordings

Hope Recordings, a Bristol Based Record Company, will be promoting their newly released compilation retrospective Seven Year Itch using Active Print Technology. The CD Booklet, designed by Phil Rees from Deface Graphics, features a QR code from which fans of the music will be able download video clips of Timo Maas, Hope’s flagship artist featured on the CD compilation.

To accompany the Album, Hope will also be using Active Print for their promotional materials. QR codes will appear on posters for the album as well as in adverts in key dance music publications such as MixMag. As well as downloading the Timo Maas video, the advertising material will let music fans get a taster for what is on the album by allowing them to download additional music clips from some of the featured artists such as Starecase, Moguai and Capoeira Twins.

On their involvement in the project Leon Alexander, A&R manager at Hope Recordings said: “We are constantly looking for innovative ways to promote our music. With one simple click on a mobile phone, music lovers can sample new music to which they may not have been exposed before. As phones, PDAs and entertainment devices converge, we think Active Print technology is in an ideal position to appeal to the music community.”

For more information on the album go to www.7itch.com

For more information on Hope Recordings go to www.hoperecordings.com